Know All About The Process of Recladding

A house can leak due to a variety of reasons like poor design, plaster cladding coupled with doubtful building practices; can lead to unexpected and unwelcome surprises. But the building has to be rectified and brought up to building codes and regulations; so here comes the job of recladding.

How is the recladding process carried out?

  • The owner of the house will engage an architectural designer or architect to redesign the building. The architect will draw up the pictures which are relevant to recladding leaky homes. Those drawing plans will then be put out to the builders.
  • The builder after getting the tender will take the exterior cladding off and expose off the old timber framing so that the process required for the leaky home repair can be determined.
  • The building surveyor will then assess the work required to bring the building in line with the building regulations. He will also survey the recladding process at stipulated intervals.
  • The recladding process involves getting rid of the old rotting timber and other useless materials which have fallen into disrepair so that new cladding can be put into place at the end.

What one should look for in-house recladding services?

residential renovation design in Auckland, there are some things which need to be noted:

  • The speed at which the work is carried out, especially if the building is occupied.
  • The quality of the work matters the most since it will ensure that the same leakages and problems don’t happen again.

How much does recladding cost?

  • No Fixed Cost: The main thing to know at the beginning is that the renovation consultant or even the building surveyor won’t be able to present a fixed price upfront since there are many factors which affect the cost and only a marginal of them are known at the very beginning.
  • Size and Place: Secondly, comes the question of the size of the house. It can be determined that a simple one level house will cost less to reclad than one which has a complex design or multiple stories. The price is also liable to increase if the house is situated on a steep site or a tricky one to reach at since then it will require more extensive scaffolding.
  • Work Done: Of course, the cost will depend on the total amount of remedial work to be done. The price, time required to finish it and all such questions can be answered once the exterior cladding is stripped off and what remains is the existing state of the timber framing underneath.

Is building consent required for the recladding job?

Yes, it is necessary to get the proper building consent for the project. Along with this, a bulk of paperwork should also be expected since councils will pay attention more to the standard of work done rather than the reason for doing so.

Before considering any work to be done, make sure to talk to the right people in questions and inquire about as many details as possible so that there isn’t a possibility of getting blindsided later on.