4 Things to look out for before purchasing a Diamond


Diamonds don’t come easy on the pocket which is why it is necessary to ensure that you don’t get cheated in the process of buying it. Whatever your thoughts be, it is necessary to ensure that you have an open mind about the things that play an important role in deducing whether the piece of stone you just bought is an actual diamond or its dupe. After all, nobody wants to pay thousands of dollars for diamond rings only to end up being the fool in the end.

In this article, we are going to help you understand a few things before buying a diamond ring.

Cubic Zirconia:

Don’t get deflected by the name. Cubic Zirconia is the best kind of a dupe for diamond. With the kind of similarities that it possesses, it is often quite hard to decide which one is which. This is often used in place of real diamonds in jewelry, so if you are buying a diamond ring, it is best to look out for the signals first and see whether it’s actually a diamond or its dupe. The dupe ends up losing its shine over time but the real one shines through.

Shop or place:

Where you are buying the diamond from makes all the difference. Because of the fact that fraudulence is a common happenstance, there is literally no point denying the fact that any shop can end up cheating you. It is why it is important to seek out the reliable stores that have a good reputation in the market. This will ensure to provide you with the very best offers and even the real thing that you came to purchase.

Shape and Carat:

These two factors depend on the kind of budget that you have for the ring. Majority of the people, for the most part, are only just aware of the round shape of the diamond but there are predominantly a number of shapes and sizes which they come in. If you have wondered which ones to get, try and ask the merchant what will suit your fingers best. Carat is the primary decisive factor. It is the standard unit of weight for the diamonds and it is beneficial that you have everything sorted out before buying a ring. Decide your budget and then visit the shop.


One of the most important factors one needs to consider while buying a diamond is its clarity. More the inclusions in the diamond, the lesser will be the shine of it which is definitely not something you want to indulge in. These diamond rings are always graded and identified based on the number of inclusions they have. Irrespective of their weight and colour being the same, if the clarity is different, the price will be too.

Buying diamond rings need a lot of thought and assessment. Don’t just jump into the bandwagon unless you have a lot of money. Do the research and find the best and the most reliable merchants and then proceed accordingly with everything.