Different types of boat trailers available in the market



Anyone who is purchasing the boat trailer will want it to be more durable and it must serve them for several years. This boat trailers for sale can be easily fabricated from aluminum or steel and each of the material comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. When we are talking about the support system of boat trailers then there are two types of boat trailers available in the market. One is the bunks and the other is the rollers.


  1. Bunk Trailers: The bunk trailers will use more than two elongated boards which are known as the bunks. This will support the boat’s hull centerline. This bunk trailers will help to distribute the weight evenly unlike those of the roller components. Every side of the board will be having at least one bunk and both of this bunk will be covered with a fabric that will be waterproof which will not only help in protecting the exterior of the board but will also make the movement of your boat effortless.


Bunk trailers are basically used for towing and this boat should have a height of 20 feet under the water. This bunk trailer are basically used for the larger boat for the land storage. Some of the bunk trailers are also known as the float on trailers. So this float on trailers are basically the large bunk trailers which have been particularly designed so that it can remain fully submerged in the water for enabling the boat to easily float into or can be easily driven onto the trailer. The float on the configuration of bunk trailer makes the design the perfect choice when it comes to unloading and loading in deep water.


  1. Roller Trailers: The Roller trailers are basically equipped with the array of plastic or rubber rollers instead of the bunks for supporting the weight of the boat. It has been pointed previously that the rollers will not help in distributing the weight of the boat evenly. These rollers come with pivoting bases, so moving the boat on and off from the trailer is very easy. The configuration of the drive on and drive off makes the thing of backing in the water unnecessarily. One can find two different types of roller that can be embedded on the roller trailer and they are rib roller and keel roller. Keel rollers are also known as the chine rollers and have those V-shaped body and are positioned in the center part of the boat trailer for supporting the keel of the boat.


The rib trailers have basically smaller sizes than that of the keel rollers and they have been made with the purpose of supporting the outer area of the boat. Rib rollers are basically designed with texturing or ribbing in order to maximize the traction of the boat. If the boat is unloading and loading in the shallow water then roller trailer is basically used.


So this is a small overview of the different types of boat trailers which are available in the market.