Office Furniture – Finding the Right Balance between Comfort and efficiency

In the hectic professional world of today, coming across people with a stiff back happens to be a very common indeed. One comes across offices where the priority is style, while there are also those that go over the top while looking for comfort. In such a scenario, it’s a must that the right balance is struck between comfort and efficiency when it comes to office furniture

Speaking of back problems, let’s begin with the piece of office furniture that is surely the most vital in giving one relief- the chair.

  • Chairs- With the boom in the IT and ITES sectors, office work today demands that employees remain seated on their chairs for long hours causing stiffness in the neck and back muscles. As a preventive measure, it’s imperative that the chair has the right mix of comfort and efficient ergonomics. A long back made of soft, yet the firm fabric is a must. It’s also desirable that the chair has a height adjustment lever and comes with cushioned armrests.
  •  Desks- It should be made sure that the desk is of the perfect height so that one doesn’t need to stretch to be able to reach it. If it isn’t so, going about regular office work becomes very tiring hampering productivity. The drawers in the desk should open and close smoothly. In other words, the sliding of the drawers shouldn’t jerky. Jerky sliding is a risk employee and may cause injury.
  • Cabinets- Just as in chairs, height plays an important role in cabinets too. Gone are the days of offices lined with tall cabinets with dusty files stacked on top of them. We live in days of swanky offices. The cabinets can’t be an eyesore that they used to be. It’s ideal that the cabinets aren’t so tall that one has to stand on his toes to reach the top drawers. Ergonomics play an important role here. The drawers should be easily accessible with smooth sliding too.
  • Shelves- Despite the tall claims of us heading for a paperless world, paper still remains an integral part of our lives, especially work lives. Where does one store bundles of paper?  Files, of course, and to store these files, we need shelves. Neatly arranged files on shelves create a healthy work environment and go a long way in motivating employees. Clumsily arranged files not only give the office a shabby look, but they also create negative vibes too. Yet again, height comes into the picture. Shelves that are too tall make bringing the files down a cumbersome affair. Well, varnished shelves with neatly arranged files are pleasing to the eyes and help raise productivity levels.

While management experts have often stressed on offices being well lit to create positive vibes, the role of comfortable and stylish furniture can never be undermined. It goes without saying that comfort raises morale raising productivity in the process. Employers would, therefore, do wise to give due importance to acquiring comfortable and stylish furniture for the welfare of their employees. It’s advisable that good looking furniture manufactured following proper ergonomics be acquired only. To put things in a nutshell, good furniture creates good employees. So, a comfortable chair, a clean desk and neatly arranged cabinets and shelves are the way to go!