How to get rid of any incident with the assistance of a fire extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is very important in any office and commercial place. It can save people from any type of unexpected accident. But at the same time, it is very important to handle such a device. If you do not have any knowledge of handling the device then it can cause severe problems. On the other hand, make sure that the pressure gauge of the extinguisher is working properly. If it does not work properly then there may be issues during the operating time. There are some steps by which an individual can save their lives during an incident by a fire extinguisher.

Get temporary relief from fire through the extinguisher:

Well, if you observe that there is an outbreak of fire in a place then search for the place where the extinguisher is kept. Find it and spray it immediately on the source of the fire. After doing it call the fire department as early as possible. Only they can extinguish the fire by their advanced devices and equipment. They are very prompt in this job. As soon as the fire department arrives, they will first check whether the extinguisher has been effective in stopping the fire.

Use the extinguisher safely:

This is a very relevant point because the person who will use the extinguisher should have adequate knowledge about the exit part of the building. He should be equally prompt in getting out of the building after using the extinguisher. This point should be always kept in mind. Put the back portion in the exit direction of the building. It will help to move out more easily.

Maintain proper distance:

It is equally important that the extinguisher is maintaining a proper distance. Minimum 8-12 feet of distance must be maintained by the extinguisher. Through this, he will be able to get rid of any type of incident very easily. It has been seen that once the flames come out it seems to be very high but after spraying the extinguisher it slowly lowers down. The extinguisher should also have adequate knowledge of handling the device. Until and unless he cannot handle the device, it may take some time to extinguish the fire.

Aim the hose properly:

The extinguisher should always keep in mind that the hose of the extinguisher should always be pointed at the base of the fire. It is the main thing. If you point the hose on the flames, then it will not work properly and sometimes it might take time to diminish the fire. Hold the device tightly as without holding it properly, you cannot extinguish the fire.

The above-mentioned tips may prove to be quite helpful in extinguishing the fire during the emergency times. It is quite tough to keep everything cool with the sudden outbreak of fire. But with the help of this type of tools, it is now much easier to get control of fire without damaging any lives.